Building To Easter

March 2018

How do we engage with scripture in such a way that we can identify how God is speaking to us through it?  Join us as we explore this through the Easter story and take some time to really focus on Jesus.

For more information about all that's happening at Christ Church this Easter, check out this year's Easter Card.

Daily Readings

Around 25% of each gospel is taken up with the last week of Jesus’ life, and this year we invite you to join Jesus on his journey to the Cross, following his footsteps, his teaching and his suffering through that last week. We have prepared a series of daily readings for you with links to the Bible Gateway online bible. Click here to access the readings.

Video Resources


Audio Resources

11th March 2018 5 Gathering
Building to Easter 2 - Jerusalem
Chris Whitwell, 11/03/2018
11th March 2018 10 Gathering
Building to Easter 2 - Jerusalem
Paul Langham, 11/03/2018
4th March 2018 10 Gathering
Building to Easter Part 1: Bethany
Neil and Natalie Shepherd, 04/03/2018