Our Vision  

We spent time during the Pandemic seeking to evaluate our priorities and activities through the lens of two questions – What has been effective? and What has been fruitful?

This led us to address and answer three key questions:

Why do we exist?    

  • We exist to make wholehearted disciples of Jesus  - simply, the most effective and fruitful place for us to be as friends and followers of Jesus is to be the people God has made us to be in the places he has called us to be. Fully alive in him, surrendered to and dependant on him. This is wholeheartedness in Jesus and we exist to help people move towards this place.

How do we behave?

  • Family is our environment and culture

  • Encounter is our pursuit

  • Generosity is our privilege

  • Transformation is the fruit

What do we do?

  • We create environments for people and connections with people that help them to encounter Jesus, receive his love and be transformed into the people God is calling them to be, doing the things he is calling them to do.