Whether you are new to the city, returning to church after a break, or are simply curious to see what church looks like, we would love to see you at our weekly gatherings!

On Sundays we hold three integrated gatherings, The 8:30, The 11 and The 5, which take place in the church building and online. In addition to Sundays, we also hold The Midweek in the church building at 11am every Wednesday. Click on the images below for more details of what each gathering includes. 

Over the summer months, our sermon series 'Preparing for the New Start' follows the story of the Israelites returning to Jerusalem from exile as recorded in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. As we follow their journey from exile to return, we reflect on how to emerge from the pandemic well. If you missed any of our weekly talks, you can easily catch up here

Gather In Sundays | 1st August - 5th September

From Sunday 1st August, The 11 and The 5 gatherings will stop, giving us an opportunity to connect together as church family on Sunday mornings. Many of us haven’t seen other members of the family except on screen for almost 18 months and some of us are less sure than others about returning to the building. We want to create spaces where we can re-connect and where new members can get to know us. Join us at 10:30am every week for 'Gather In Sundays' for the whole of August through until Sunday 5th September. Find out more about Gather In Sundays here

The 8:30 and The Midweek gatherings will continue as normal throughout August and September. Click on the squares below to find out more about these gatherings.

Gathering squares for website Gathering squares for website Gathering squares for website Gathering squares for website