Musical Prophecy Evenings all

We would love to invite you to receive musical prophecy!

What does that mean?
Well, it's pretty much what it says on the tin! A small group of musicians will take time to play and sing over you, intentionally listening to God as they do so. When you arrive, you'll be invited to sit in the middle of the musicians. They will then spend around 10 minutes just playing and singing over you. It's mostly instrumental, i.e. they don't often sing words or known songs - though sometimes they might be led to. You are invited to simply sit and posture yourself to hear from God. For example, you may want to close your eyes and just rest, or you might want to journal what you hear him saying. Once they've finished playing, the musicians will take a few minutes to share with you any pictures, words or senses they had for you while they were playing.

What should I bring?
You can just bring yourself! But we also encourage you to bring a Bible and a journal - we really recommend taking a few minutes straight after your slot to write down or record anything you heard God say. We highly recommend bringing your phone (or some other device) to record the session.

When should I arrive and where should I go?
Arrive in good time for your slot's start time. If you arrive while someone else is being ministered to, please come in quietly and take a seat. We will be on the stage at church, simply come into the main church building and you'll see us!

Is this just for individuals or can I bring my family/spouse?
We've found that this is a particularly powerful environment for individuals to hear from God. However, that being said, if you're in a season where receiving this kind of prophecy as a couple or family would be particularly helpful that is absolutely fine! Just sign up with all your names by clicking on the dates below so we know to expect you as a group.

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