Toddler Sing-along Zoom sessio

Thank you for your interest in our toddlers’ drop-in sessions at Christ Church Clifton.

SUMMER TODDLERS: meet up on Thursdays at the Observatory play area, (Observatory rd Clifton) at 11 am.
Whoever can come from the team will do so ( includes story and singing whenever possible)
Bring picnic lunch/ rug etc. 
Exception: if it's raining!

During the Lockdown we have been meeting on Thursdays on Zoom for chats, a story and singing time. This has now stopped for the summer holidays and we will resume IN SOME FORM in September.

In the meantime if you need any further information about baby/Toddler groups in our church community, or any other way we can help you
please feel free to contact our Children’s
Pastor Ruthy Lillington

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Nick Carter, 20/07/2020