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COVID-19 Update

Our small communities continue to be our primary place of connection even in isolation. For those not attached to a specific community, if you would like to connect online please get in touch with Neil.

We believe that small communities are the heartbeat of Christ Church. They are places where individuals find wholeness, and are inspired, equipped, empowered and released to reproduce the character and life of Jesus in their families, workplaces and communities. 

The intentional aim of our small communities is to grow together as disciples as we seek to follow Jesus' mandate to his first disciples to 'go and make disciples of all nations', recognising that, in order to make disciples of all nations, we must first be disciples ourselves. 

These groups are essential places of connection, growth and influence as we seek to serve our city and we, therefore, strongly encourage all those who consider themselves to be members of Christ Church to be playing an active and committed role in a small community. 

Why Small Communities?

Why join a small community? There are lots of great reasons. Firstly, we believe that they are the best way to grow as a disciple. Secondly, it’s a great way to get connected and find family, through mutual support, care and encouragement, in a church where a large number gather to worship each week. Thirdly, it is easier and more fun to do mission together and small communities are a great way to grow in our call to be witnesses as we do evangelism together. 

What Small Communities are available?

At Christ Church we seek to see the three shared values of the church's vision - Connect, Grow, Influence - impacting the life of our small communities. Each small community will be different depending upon how much they emphasise each of these values but at the heart of each small community will be a shared commitment to these values. 

We recognise that we are all different people, at different stages of our lives and at different stages of our journey with God. As such we have a range of different types of small communities available in Christ Church to help each person connect with one that is right for them. 

Below you will find a range of small communities that are centered around stages of life, geography or a specific time for the main community meeting: 
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More Information

If you would like more details, please contact a specific small community directly using the email address, or fill in the form below and we will get in touch. Alternatively do contact our Curate, Neil Shepherd, for more details about small communities or if none of these options fit your context at the moment. 
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