Bearing Fruit In Every Season

June 2018

This month, we are going to look at how we can bear Godly fruit in every season, no matter what we are facing.  We will hear from members of the church family who have this experience.

Send us your stories

On 22nd July we will end the Year of Growth with our "Harvest Festival".  We want to harvest stories of what God has been doing over this year.  Please send us your stories, which can be words, or in audio or video format.  You can email them to  We'll collate the stories and use them on 22nd July to celebrate all God has done.

Some of the stories we have received so far:
'God has been growing my faith and confidence in placing worries with Him'
'God has been growing my knowledge and understanding of who I truely am.The truth of my identity and value as a child of God.'
'God defines me, and not the opinions and actions of others...its knowing I am His that brings His presence and strength.'
'God has been releasing me from burdens that were not mine to carry, and teaching me more of what it means and looks like in my life to be a much loved daughter of the King.'


Video Resources


Audio Resources

24th June 2018 5 Gathering
Bearing Fruit in every season 5 - Lucy and Reuben Dorton-Gibson being interviewed by Chris Whitwell at the 5
Lucy and Reuben Dorton-Gibso, 24/06/2018
10th June 2018 5 Gathering
Julia Loveless and Rebekah Stansbury interviewed by CHris as part of the series on Bearing Fruit
Julia and Rebekah , 10/06/2018
10th June 2018 10 Gathering
Bearing fruit 3 Paul Langham interviewing Macolm Bourne
Malcolm Bourne, 10/06/2018
3rd June 2018 5 Gathering
Chris and Esther Brown's story from our searies on Bearing Fruit in Every Season
Chris and Esther Brown, 03/06/2018
27th May 2018 5 Gathering
Bearing fruit in every season 1
Derek and Sue Hadden, 27/05/2018
27th May 2018 10 Gathering
Bearing fruit in every season 1
Derek and Sue Hadden, 27/05/2018