A New Shape for Sundays 

On Sunday 6 November, the shape of Sundays at Christ Church will change, in response to our sense of call to pursue the presence of Jesus when we meet together.

We’re calling our new Sunday Gatherings

        the 8
  the 10
  the 5

If you’ve not yet seen the letter about Paul’s journey to this decision, you can find it on the Vision page on our website or via the direct link here.

Why ‘Gatherings’ and not ‘Services’?
This is really important, as it sets what we do on Sundays within the context of our lives over the rest of the week. As a church family, we gather in all sorts of ways – small groups, ministry teams, prayer meetings: ‘church’ is the way we live, not simply what happens on one day out of seven. 

So what will the Gatherings be like?
We believe that God has directed us to make this change, and are so excited by what we sense God wants to do in and through us each Sunday. Following God’s call is always a journey that unfolds as he leads us onwards, and deeper into his purposes. This will be no exception, so we want to be flexible as we set out, allowing him to guide and shape our Gatherings as we follow.

the 8

Sundays will begin with a contemplative Gathering designed to enable the Lord to meet and speak with us through stillness, music, scripture and liturgy. A talk will always be included, and we plan to have communion each week (although this may change in response to the needs of those who attend).

the 10

We’ll be serving coffee from 9:40 am – but in order to help us start on time, coffee won’t be available after 9.55 am (don’t worry, you’ll be able to pick one up a little later on if you miss it here). If you have children under the age of 11, please come right to the front of the church where there will be a special space for you. The opening Section of our new Gathering will be designed for the whole church family, regardless of age.

We’ll take a break for our children and young people to go to their groups, when you can grab a coffee if you didn’t get one before the start.

We’ll then return to pursuing the presence of Jesus through sung worship, teaching, and response – which may vary from week to week. As this is an entirely new Morning Gathering – an opportunity to worship God and pursue the presence of Jesus together as one family, using multiple voices and instruments – we want to leave the Lord plenty of room to shape what we do together.

We aim to include communion once a month, at various points within our time together.

the 5

At its new time, our Evening Gathering will continue to devote time and space to pursuing the presence of Jesus in sung worship, teaching and response.  We aim to include communion once a month.