Latest News - 20th July 

Preparations are underway as we get the Church ready for our Harvest Celebration on Sunday, as we come to the end of our Year of Growth. We really hope you can join us for this occasion, at 10am. We will be witnessing two Baptisms, of Stephanie Jackson and Denis Logvinenko, as well as hearing some testimonies of all that God has been doing in our lives this year. At the end of the gathering we will be taking a big photograph of everyone to put up in Church, and sharing coffee and cake together. See you there, and remember, there is NO 5 Gathering this week!


For information on what's going on over the summer in Church, particularly our next Teaching series, and children's activities in the Spire Coffee Shop, please pick up a term card in church, or see it here:

 Summer Term Card 2018 (PDF).pdf 

Roberto and Susanne Elvira

Paul made the following announcement at the Gatherings on Sunday 15th and Wednesday 18th July:

It doesn’t seem possible that Roberto & Susanne have been working here at Christ Church since October 2015 – although of course they began their relationship with all of us in the autumn of the previous year.

I had spent the past two years telling everyone in our leadership (wardens, PCC and so on) just how wonderful an appointment Roberto & Susanne would represent – after all, I’d already appointed Roberto to a similar role in my previous parish.

But all good things, no matter how wonderful, come to an end. In Combe Down, the time came when Roberto & Susanne felt the Lord’s call to move back to Spain to establish a ‘Word and Spirit’ ministry among the evangelical communities there.

And when they joined us, as several of you recall, Roberto was clear that he intended to retire at the age of 65. That will happen this autumn, and so I am sorry to have to inform you all today that he and Susanne will leave their roles in November, when they plan to move back to their home in Galicia, north-western Spain. They are currently enjoying some holiday there.

We will find ways of expressing our deep gratitude for the quite extraordinary pastoral care they have both given and overseen while with us, and acting in a senior leadership role as well.

Associate Vicar Update

This coming Monday we are interviewing for the role of Associate Vicar, and the candidates will be joining us for worship on Sunday.  Please pray for the candidates and for the interview panel  (Paul Langham, Janet Lee, Graham Stuart and the Archdeacon).

Parking Petition Reminder

If you haven't already, we would be grateful if you could sign this petition to prevent Sunday charges coming to Parking zones. Thank you.