Latest News - 26th January 

This Sunday

This Sunday we start the next part of our Year of Growth called “Sin and Salvation”.  We will be looking at what sin is and how understanding it correctly can affect our interaction with God and His ongoing salvation in our lives.  Find out more by watching the introductory video…

Year of Growth YouTube.jpg 

Did you know that we have a growing library of resources to accompany the Year of Growth on our website?  As well as the sermon recordings, there are introductory videos, recap videos and small group notes.  Check it out at

At the end of this mini-series we will be having a baptism gathering with a number of people from across our different gatherings being baptised. This will take place at the 5 on Sunday 25th February.  If you would like to know more about baptism please contact the church office at

News from the PCC

The PCC met on Monday night.  PCC member Cluff Noon writes 

“we started the evening with a bible study on Haggai 1 followed by group discussions on what this means for us. This led nicely into the finance report, some heavy discussion and ended with an agreed budget for 2018 The meeting then discussed and approved detailed proposals from the Parish Safeguarding Officers for a new, updated safeguarding policy This was followed by a lengthy discussion on a paper from Paul, in response to some theological questions from members of the congregation The rest of the time was spent on general matters relating to Christ Church before closing with a time of prayer.”

What’s going on inside the church?

Over the next few weeks we will have a small scaffolding tower up in church while Paul, our stonemason, undertakes some repairs to the stoneworkaround the high level windows.  This shouldn’t affect normal use of the church but we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

An offer from Ecclesiastical

Ecclesiastical Insurance have been insuring churches and church buildings for 130 years and to celebrate they are offering to give Christ Church £130 for every church member who takes out a home insurance policy with them during 2018.  If you are in the market for home insurance do check out the details below…

Ecclesiastical Insurance - Trust130 Poster.pdf  

(Other insurance providers are available so do check any quote is competitive!)